Sjoa Double, Rafting

Adresse: Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal

This is Norway’s longest full day white water rafting trip!

In total we raft about 33 km from the start above the Åseng canyon to where we end a few km before Sjoa meets Gudbrandsdalslågen.
This is the longest full day rafting trip in Norway!
Exactly what section we do first depends on the water level, but normally we do the day trip section of approximately 15 km before lunch. After lunch we paddle through the wild and inaccessible Åseng canyon where you will feel your adrenalin pump extra hard.
We end the trip with a warm shower and hot lunch at our base.

Age limit: 18 years
Starting time: Kl 10.00
Total time: Ca 8 hours

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At our base we have big rooms that you can stay in which overlook the beautiful Sjoa River.